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Except for the tomatoes, which are from another local farmer, and the kalamata olives, flax oil, lemons and quinoa , the meal that we had last night was all from the farm. I wish that I’d taken a few more pictures as this one won’t make your mouth water, and it did! It made our mouths water. Even my visiting family loved it.

The coolest part? We’ve been eating meals like this for five days so far as part of a liver cleanse, one of many that were designed by my brilliant nutritionist/health counselor friend Persephone. It has been easy, as the recipes and the food included are scrumptious. Nicolas is looking buff! I’m feeling so energetic. Even Jesse, our nine year old, is doing it and says he feels great.

Persephone’s recipes have inspired us to want to continue to eat more vegan meals once the cleanse is over. My repertoire is not very big. I often resort to using cheese and though we only eat our farmer friends’ grass-fed meat, we sometimes go overboard.

Persephone, despite having a five-month old baby, a nutritional consulting business and her own blog, has enthusiastically agreed to share her recipes here. So I will finally be able to give you more creative ways to use Nicolas’ beautiful produce.

We’ll try to get some of the winter ones in here soon before the spring ones take all of our attention. I am savoring the escarole, the kale and final roots and not just anticipating the asparagus. I start salivating just writing the word.


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