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Abundant June

I got to help pick flowers for the past two Fridays. I was lucky to witness the beauty and bounty of our farm more intimately than usual. So much back-breaking work by the farmers has really paid off. The flowers have never looked so good nor been so abundant. And the rest of the farm is bursting with delicious vine-ripening goodness, wherever you look. The coolest thing I got to see this morning was hidden within the yellowing leaves of a used-up tomato plant – Image

Can you see it? The tiny nest?

Here is a close-up of what must have only recently made its way out of the shell:

Two wee cardinals. Pretty cool.

Here are a few shots of the flowers:

Part of the reason I’ve been so missing in action on this blog is that my good camera is broken. These above were taken with my iphone. They are just fine, eh? No more excuses. : )  A farm tutorial will be here in the next few weeks.


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