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The farmers

I don’t have to do much heavy lifting, or sweating through several shirts a day,  or back-breaking, ‘God will this row ever end?’ picking. I get to pick flowers on Friday and make bouquets, and then go home and make t-shirts (coming soon to the market!). I get to cook what has already been picked. I am so grateful for the hard work of all of Crystal Organic Farm’s farmers. Here are just a few:


Above, Mark is doing some of the heavy lifting.

Here are Gillen, Buck and Aaron, the young studs, taking a break to eat the zucchini bread that Aaron makes weekly.IMG_3616

And finally, the guy who carries all of the responsibility on his back, Nicolas, looking way too relaxed. It doesn’t matter how hot or sweaty or tired the man is, he ALWAYS looks good in a picture. If only he’d let me take more of them.


Aren’t those cherry tomatoes gorgeous? They taste amazing. I have to show you another shot:IMG_3632

More farmers next week..


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