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Willie, our wiley and wonderful mutt, led me around the farm yesterday morning, posing as we went. First, we visited Nicolas picking turnips. Wherever Nicolas is, that is where Willie-girl most wants to be. I ate a few of those turnips and greens (that he picked here) that night. Some boys were at the Braves game, another was at a Barrel Riding event (rodeo stuff, for other city-folk like me). I sauteed the turnips and the greens, all cut up, in oil and garlic, and added a bit of Braggs. Turnips are always surprising to me. I just can’t expect them to be that good.
IMG_4324The Cosmos are back. This is Helen’s favorite flower. They are so vibrant.
IMG_4313Here, Willie led me down beautiful Shitake Mushroom Lane.
IMG_4349One of my favorite crops.


IMG_4350I was very much on a natural-dye material mission that day. Helen and Willie helped me to gather some black walnuts. I’ll be making new (to me) dyes with walnut husks, onion skins and pomegranate skins. I’ll revisit those with Marigolds and with Eucalyptus. Hopefully I’ll get this done and can show you the results by Monday.

IMG_4367I had one of Gillen’s friends drive over the big black walnut balls with his monster truck. It is not easy to break off those husks. Here they are hanging on to the branches still. They are huge!

IMG_4370Below is yet another shot of beautifully tended crops in a high tunnel.

I can not weed. Really. I get very dizzy when I turn over. So I have great admiration for those who do it so well.




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