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It is so wonderful to get comments here (hello former Crystal Organic Farm fabulous farmers Athalia and Kirk!)  and to have lots of people watching last year’s farming tutorials.

So, why have I not come through with lots more farm photos and videos? My camera is broken, has been for a month now. : (  I didn’t have it in me even to share recipes without the great photos.

In the meantime, Nicolas has recruited younger, brighter help here! Our son Jesse will be blogging. He has been making lego videos for a year now so is all ready to use his expertise to bring you farming tutorials. But for now, he is sharing information (with point and shoot pictures) about our Red Torpedo onions. Heeere’s Jesse!

Here is the process of the Red Torpedo onions:

Almost ready to pick –

After being picked we must sort out all the rotten ones

Finally ready to eat. They just need to be cleaned up. They’re good in a stir fry or sandwiches. I don’t really like onions but I like them in a stir-fry.


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opening up

Like these garlic flowers, I am ready to take off my covers (specifically, my lens cap) and allow the abundance of Nicolas’ farm to plant seeds here. Seeds of hope that readers here may be inspired to grow their own food, or even go the crazy-hard but much-needed and profitable step further – to create their own organic farm. Our local paper did a story on Nicolas and the farm yesterday. From the beginning of the interview he stressed his hope that more people start farming. We can’t grow enough to meet the demand. It is a good problem to have. But it is frustrating that all of our food is already sold to loyal clientele in Atlanta and we can’t supply the new demand right in our backyard.

Hopefully, we will be able to expand this year enough to sell one afternoon a week at the farm or to supply even more produce through a CSA.

But for now, it seems that the best thing we can give you is Nicolas’ knowledge. I’ll be posting more farming tutorials.

For those who already have their own produce or buy from us at the Morningside Market, I’ll include more recipes. I have new counters and color in my kitchen and it has been inspiring me to spend lots of time there. Of course, Persephone’s recipes (the best vegetarian chef I know) will start to show up here too.

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