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Jesse has made two farm tutorials with Nicolas this month. I’ll post them both at the bottom.

This was taken right after Jesse filmed Nicolas talking about Swiss Chard. The filmmaker is ready to leave the farm and go edit his new tutorial. The farmer is getting geared up for many more hours of labor. He and his crew are heroic. It is busier at the farm right now than it has been all year. We’re all getting more energy by turning all these beautiful vegetables into green smoothies. We’ve been drinking one every morning, even the kids most days. They make a huge difference in our ability to get it all done, and to  help cut our cravings for chocolate and cheese, part of the day anyway  🙂

Here are a few of the vegetables we’ve been throwing into the blender:

Lots of Swiss Chard, collards and other greens make their way into the green smoothie as well. Nicolas also adds flax oil and mulkasan and sometimes some coconut oil.

Three random pictures from a beautiful fall farm day:

Willie:Jesse with Fennel. Doesn’t the shadow of his hand on his sweater look like it’s reaching for his heart? He doesn’t think so either. Hey, it’s Halloween! I love Halloween.

White on white. See the honey bees? We have lots of honey this year.

One more, and then I will relinquish this space to the farmer’s wisdom on my son’s tutorials.

I caught the Turkeys plotting their escape. They sense that November is here. You can hear their passionate discussions in the upcoming Swiss Chard video. They sound like canned laughter. 

Finally, the videos:


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Jesse’s last tutorial was very long and gave him some great experience in filming tutorials. He decided to make a new one for anyone here. It is due to premiere some time today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a few photos of our fall tomatoes, never before so healthy nor so abundant. Here are a few of the cherries; so Christmasy:

And one of the tunnels that is filled with heirlooms and basic reds:

Below is Mark, today’s tomato picker, showing us a full wheelbarrow of tomatoes from just one row! Terrible photo of the tomatoes, but I really wanted to show off Mark.

And though we have many photogenic vegetables right now, Nicolas and the boys, and Willie, were all about the turnips today, so that’s what got my focus. They’re pretty photogenic too.

Gillen has always dug the turnips. He-he. Here is his most recent recruit to turnip love – Willie:

Two of a kind:

How perfect for our theme that Nicolas is wearing a Turnip Truck hat. The Turnip Truck makes a few of his deliveries for him.
Carrot cruising:

Stay tuned for a leek tutorial.

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No, this time I really mean it – there will be regular Crystal Organic Farm blog posts, weekly! That’s the plan, anyway.

With the weather so beautiful, it’s easy for Jesse and I to join Farmers Nicolas and Gillen, Helen, Elizabeth and the whole gang out there.

While Summer crops and flowers, thankfully, still linger:

There are many new fall favorites re-emerging. Some have not been seen on our farm for a few years. Like Edamame beans:
But Jesse’s new farm tutorial (he has taken my job with the video camera) will give much more information on that score. He filmed his first video yesterday and will have it up here soon.
And we even put in some real labor.
Jesse cleaning the cucumbers.

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