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Farm Day!

I’m sorry that it has taken me more than a year to come back and update our goings on at our farm. I will try to do better. : ) But I have an abundance of photos for you today. On Sunday we invited our customers from the Morningside Market in Atlanta as well as those who buy boxes of vegetables from us in Madison to come to the farm for a tour and some snacks. It was an amazingly beautiful and warm day, with temperatures in the 70s! I can’t believe it is about to fall to 19 degrees in the next few days. We’ll probably lose a lot of our vegetables, those that are not in high tunnels. But Nicolas and the other farmers are tucking them in today, as warmly as possible, and we shall see.

Back to the warmth of Farm Day. A long time friend of ours from back in my theater days, Martin Lyle, showed up with his beautiful daughter, his parents who live in Madison and his amazing camera! He graciously agreed to share his pictures here on the blog, after I threatened him with my vegetable spears. I’m so grateful. Any of the amazing photos of Nicolas or the vegetables are his. These first ones are mine from my iphone.


This is our benevolent photographer and friend, Martin, getting a good shot.


Willie Dog and Lola, who both come with their owners to the farm every day, vying for top dog status.



Being led to slaughter?


Elizabeth, flower farmer as well as the farmer who fills and delivers the Madison boxes, showing a branch of peanuts.


This is Nicolas who took over our boys former job of standing by Farmer Nicolas as he spoke. Nicolas is a big fan of the farmer and of his vegetables.


We won’t be seeing these once the polar vortex hits in a few days.

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